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Did you exchange a walk on part in the war.....

I was thinking
Last year at this time I was just done knitting this...

Helmet liner

It was not entirely a failure, but close ...

I need to lay in a whole buncha cascade 220
so I can knit for this situation

which looks a lot like here

Have a great yule....

Did they get you to trade your heros for ghosts?

Philco PC from Dave Schultze on Vimeo.

I so want this just becauseFlat screen it and do it via

And they taught me how not to play the game.

Hey now, it's been ages. Yes there's our house,
the view is one of the reasons I love living here.

The view up the valley from the bedroom
after the 6-8 inch snow fall that we got here in the
great north country.

I have been knitting up a storm and have a finished
object to show for it.

Luscious Lace Scarf by Knitting Pixie

Here it is being blocked out

Here it is close up.

I spun, plied and knit this yarn.
100% Merino, Dyed by Seekay

We also also are filling a wish list for another foster
kid this year... I have less than a week to finish a hat
and mittens. Harriet is doing the scarf this year.

Have you listened to what I said ?

ECF (Eye Candy Friday)

The view from my bedroom window.

Looking west to the Mohawk River at sundown.
This does not suck.

Meanwhile back in the year One --- when you belonged to no-one ---

Yes, the ancient addiction returns..
Before WOW there was
Barren Realms Elite!!!

Sometimes older is better...

Speaking of "Older"......

Can we say "Gopher"?
Knew you could....

An echo of a distant time, Comes willowing across the sand

Oh, our run was extended until October 8th
come down to Cohoes to Beauknits
to see our stuff.....

Notso glare filled now with the October overcast....

I am still so jazzed that Barb thought we were worthy...

And the words they say, Which we wont understand

One final note before the month is over (doubtful I'll get to post tomorrow)
Harriet and I were chosen to be "Fiber Artists of the Month" for the month of September..
at Beauknits in Cohoes

Yeah I know, I am a little late for the party.. but there were lots of things going on
including finishing my RED Irish Hiking Scarf.

But here are two window shots.

Sorry, taken when glare was at it's worst!

BTW, there is an offer to buy Harriet's green hand-spun that's on the right side of the pic..


Far away, across the fields

Oh a Two-fer, you say

Some projects I am working on.

Luscious Lace Scarf

Which started life like this

and now now looks like this...

A completely unintended color pattern
that's working it's way across the vertical

I mean just look at it!!!

I am liking the result...

Oh I finally turned the heals of those damned socks

They became "those damned socks" sometime
in the second month of working on them...

Why did no-one tell me that zero size needles take

When at last the work is done....

I have been a very bad blogger. I have dropped down to two posts
or less during the summer.
I have not been resting, I have been busy.. First up..
We ventured (my wife Harriet and I) out to Altamont Fair
and made a bee line to the sheep shed.

While we were there, I got to photograph some
ribbon winning crafts and a spinning competition.

Spinning with a spindle

I have to say, I STILL can't
spin with a spindle.. maybe I don't have the touch
for it..

But we can't leave the fairgrounds
until we meet up with friends
and get some FAIR FOOD...

Deadly to Harriet, FRIED DOUGH
oooh look at that sugary glutenous mass!!!

I also have to look up to the Heldebergs..

Did I forget to mention, the fair always falls on
the HOTTEST days of the year?

No matter... the next day we got to
hang out at my Sister In Law Susan's house...

The Twins were there...

The soon to be Harvard Grad Allison and I

The soon to be Vassar grad Matt...

We don't get to see those two often enough!

The Blogless Father In Law, Lester..

But only if you'll ride the tide

The second post of August. I had best show you all what's on the needles, yes?
Lets start with the newest project first. Around the beginning of June,
I finished a few things.

This for instance

I had to go hunting for a pattern so it lay dormant

The roving, merino of course,
was from Carolyn of SeeKay Crafts
I just loved spinning it.

So much later I found a pattern
and cast on

Now it looks like this......

Carolyn, thanks for your colorway of "Spring Green"
this is what it looks like knitted.

Another thing on the needles since June
is this pair of simple socks.

Which are cleverly stashed in a "Harley Flames"
box knitting bag by JessaLu Stitches.

Yes, real men, knit, spin and carry project bags.

And the red scarf is still coming along, I was
hoping to have the first one done by Sept 1st..

Not happening...

Btw, get out there and hike the trails these last
few weekends of summer, but with this
study, be prepared to go in circles

August, Die she must....

I don't know what happened here, turn my back and
July is out the window. Summer is coming to an end
in the North-Country and I want to deny it. Even today,
Nature is giving it her best at a forecast high today of 91
degrees F (33 c)

Meanwhile, that cranky old laptop of mine has again given up
the ghost. The charging light would not come on even
with the power tip being wiggled.

You may have seen it before, here, acting as a background for
some of my knitting.

So out came the implements of
Screwdriver, reading glasses,
soldering iron
solder and a flat surface.....

Through the magic of the internet, we will speed an
half an hour by. We are left with this....

You can barely see
the red circle around
the part I had to solder
to make the laptop
come back to life.

I had previously replaced the power socket so
I just hoped solder would fix the problem
It did.

Meanwhile, I cast on Luscious Lace Scarf by Knitting Pixie
I promise pics will follow, as soon I can get past the
idea of actually knit…

Home, home again, I like to be here when I can.

Yeah, I vacated. "Vacation" such a mis-understood word. For me it was a retreat. Off went the cell phone, out came the spinning.

I spent my time here

I have finished the Shetland!!!

Sorry for the slight blur, I inherited my wife's craptastic camera ;-)

I have a better pic below.

But before I went out to the wilds of western NY,
I spent some time poolside with my father in-law

Picking up a dropped stitch on that red scarf (Irish Hiking) I am making for the Red Scarf project.

Yeah, Live stitches
to the right .

Dropped stitch on the Purl before the cable.

However, as evidenced by this piccie
you would never know it happened.

But wait, that's not all.

Before the Shetland, there was the Icelandic that I have
given away to someone who actually likes the stuff.

I hated spinning this, it felt (no pun wanted) like spinning Brillo!!!
Right now, I am spinning pure black merino from spinner's hill

What a pleasure......

One more photo from the bonfire.

Where do I start?

I made it to the HUDSON RIVER STITCH and Spin over the weekend, sufficed to say,
TU FIBER BLOG and ROWSRED (she who organized it) covered it better than I.

However I spun full tilt boogie on Phaedre

I still feel that I have got nowhere as the fiber I am spinning is
40 WPI!!!!! Not quite gossamer but getting damned close.

I did get a chance to drag my previous fiber out into the light
540 yards +/- ~ of Spring Green colorway by SEEKAY
Merino goodness..

I already have a pattern, she who spins is getting
another lovely scarf, lace of course.

Oh, one more thing.........

My workplace has something vaguely related to fiber.

As in the former business........

HUYCK FELT Co after a few mergers and sales (research paper here SAGE COLLEGE)

I've always sorta known I'd wind up in a fiber mill...
My first job was refinishing Wire Stitchers

and a stitch is a stitch......

Time for more projects.

You all know about the next set of socks that
I cast on, right?

Knit Picks tweed essential
I love the feel of this yarn on my hands
I can't wait until they get on my feet.

and I am spinning this....

CORRECTION it's shetland,

This came from

Finally I cast this on this afternoon...

It's a charity project for the RED SCARF project
Pattern is here

This is for aged out foster children who are in college
or vocational school to give them a red scarf for
Valentine's day and to show support that, yes
there is someone who cares......

Troy Night Life

For what it's worth, there ain't much unless you drink.
Even then, most of those places are hardcore dives.

Yet, there is one place that can be counted on
time and time again.....

Yeah, I am a sucker for the "Upstate Soft cone" the $2.00
treat that kept us going and driving from one stand to another
when were utterly broke when we arrived here.
Yeah, Corner Ice Cream is still the best Followed closely
by Jumpin' Jacks

Snow Man sadly is not in the running.. but still places in the top 20

This place is located on 5th Ave in the 'Burg, open 'til 10:00

Yes, it's been too long or WTF it's JUNE???

Okay, you got me, since I last posted, I finished this
Merino from SeeKay Colorway "Spring Green" I loved working with her fiber.

Took you to work to see what my desk really looks like.

and rode my bike to Lock 2 of the Erie canal
(There is NO lock 1!)

I also went to the Woolgathering at Thatcher Park
I am short of words this month because I have been relatively silent and more contemplative as of late.
I have been spinning more and knitting less I have become enamored with Corriedale roving and seem to purchase it every chance I get.

Lyman's Sleighbell Farm 4oz $5.oo
A nice brown that I am going to blend with another bit of the Cory Cross that is from Tina to see what happens.
That's all for now, as I said, summer is close and I become word-less.
Until next time.