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The silver cord lies on the ground...

Greetings from the North-Country;

It's been far too long, and it's December already.

The garden has gone from this

To this....

While inside we have
decorated the tree..

A FO and a project that I have on the needles.

The hat is to be gifted, the socks are MINE ;-)
The hat is out of Bartlett hand spun
that I received as two huge balls of roving.

I spun it about a year or so ago and got 280 +/- yards
out of one of the balls.

It languished in "I dunno what to do with it.."
and it finally became a hat.

Let's take a look out the back, up the valley.

This was in November.

Now we have this sight of the other day.

You may see the fog that has settled along the water.

As the days grow shorter, remember it's not that
far from dancing the Maypole.....

"When you breathe your last line
Will you make your exit stage left/stage right?
Well, you might decide while there's still time.

You have an angel on your shoulder
But you wear the old god's horns.
And you dance around the maypole

Knife in a back and more of the same....

While out and about at the Southern Adirondacks Fiber Festival at Washington County Fairgrounds

I took a few pictures

Here are the Sisters, the could not bring their goats...

Hoot and a half and all smiles

Bad timing on the part of the vet and the rabies
vacine did take. They were hoping to sell a couple.

Watch out for evil puppets...

Yeah, it's a puppet.. unlike this one

Yes there are two there.....

My Favorite fiber vendor was there

I like the curve here

This year I actually got to feel the prize


For what it's worth, all the fleece sold on the first day.

This being the second year, the organizers did something different.
There were more vendors (behind link) this year.

In the first barn.....


A last look up midway

Colorful spindles....

I have more pictures but not tonight....

Take all your overgrown infants away somewhere ......


The poster bearer cried...

I get it, the Linux users all drank the Cool-Aid. Crossover Pro, Wine will not install any version of Corel Office aka WordPerfect Office.
For a smack down report of who wins the war see this link Microsoft Word VS Corel WordPerfect
In short WordPerfect wins the feature war. but on Linux here in openoffice "This project is a place holder for Reveal Codes functionality. It is currently not being worked on."

Corel, I challenge you to open the codes.

Meanwhile, my main box that I sadly still run on
windows xp pro SP3. That I have put spybot on,
have a software and hardware firewall;
Use Firefox to surf the web, have all the bells and
whistles to keep the damn thing secure picked up AV 2010 a nasty little morphing beast
that usually takes about an hour to clean out..
except my free AVG activated it... Wiped my boot sector...

Trying recovery console....



Last resort, salvage docs, settings and application data

Nuke from orbit aka re-image....

(not from my pc)…

The paper holds their folded faces to the floor.

I don't know what happened to the last two months, they just disappeared.

Let's get you all caught up. First things first. I HAVE NOTHING on the needles. The knitting mojo left just about the time I got my surgery date.

Let's fix this... like yesterday..
I will be down one arm for most of the summer.
So, goodbye Sirius Rising, Camping,
any heavy lifting and working in the garden.

Even Phaedre is down for the summer minus her wheel...

It's a sad time here..

Okay, the summer started off great with Clermont.

Oodles of fluffy goodness.

Then proceeded to Memorial Day and
Mass Sheep and Wool (Cummington)

Wait a minute, where's the crowd?

Somethings off....

But Dave of Merlintree was there with his
CPW wheels on parade.

All of them beautifully restored.

That's where Phaedre's Wheel is getting repaired.

I ran across the new Kromski there

Simple in execution, lovely in design.
I know it would spin well

But it does not fold. (vid)

One of the simplest things
that I wish I had purchased was…

The lunatics are in my hall...

Remember America's Job Bank?
Something run by public entities?

America's Job Bank

I have not used the site since 2006..

Fast forward....

It's no longer run by public entities
In fact, AJB.ORG as we knew it shut down operations in
2007 due to cuts in the US Department of Labor of the
Bush era, the services were outsourced to something that
looked like a company in the US... Until I had
to troubleshoot at work today...


I called and got someone with an Indian accent.

Okay, I get this, I too was outsourced in 2004 from BOFA
to EDS...

Now here comes the part that should anger every tax paying

America's Job Exchange is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NaviSite,
headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts.

I love the stock photo for ALL of their data-centers

So I back track some more..
A coupla whois etc... and I hit gold...

OrgAbuseName: NaviSite Abuse Team
OrgAbusePhone: 1-978-682-8300
1-978-682-3800 NaviSite Inc.
+1 508 5…

Got to keep the loonies on the path.

I survived April fools day and not having a car for a week.

Yeah, one of the axles decided to loose all the
roller bearings and start vibrating to beat the band.

It's dark, and greasy, but you can see the outer
race and the lack of roller bearings.

I went through/broke exactly 3 1/2" socket drivers
with handles (ratchets for the mechanical among the readers)
doing the job.

So when I don't have a car or am borrowing Harriet's
I tend to walk more. While I was out and about I met this fellow
hanging out on the HQ bldg of SUNY

To give you an idea of the scale of that building
here is a pic that was taken off the web.

Shot from about 350 yards away on the sidewalk,
this building is one of the few publicly
owned castles in the U.S.

There are two more wings to the right and left.

A view of it from the bridge.

Then we can see the post card

It's not changed

In fact, right across the street is the blacksmith's shop

It's not everyday you see what you are missing
by looking up.

Or by w…

Timothy Leary's dead. No, no, no, no, He's outside looking in.

I have been on a Moody Blues kick lately so
bear with me.

Let's see what we have been up at the Fort's Ferry house.

First of all the bedroom is finally painted. Except for the inevitable
second coat of paint on the window frames, I can put away the
painting supplies.

A quick look at the latest sundown.

I can never tire of that view.

But as the sun went down on that day, I could also
celebrate the fact that our guests can close a door.

This was the project my Father-in-law
Lester and I had done together out on the deck
with a circular saw.

The interesting thing about working on such an
old house is that nothing is square, and nothing
is standard.

This door had to be cut to fit a doorway 29 inches and 3/8ths
so to have the required 1/8" clearance we had
to take a 30" 3/8ths wide door (told you nothing is square)
down to a 29" and 3/16ths. of an inch

Have you ever cut a 16th of an inch using a saw?
That is the width of a blade, also a fair thickness of a
pencil lead.

Behold, the doorway …