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Home, home again, I like to be here when I can.

Yeah, I vacated. "Vacation" such a mis-understood word. For me it was a retreat. Off went the cell phone, out came the spinning.

I spent my time here

I have finished the Shetland!!!

Sorry for the slight blur, I inherited my wife's craptastic camera ;-)

I have a better pic below.

But before I went out to the wilds of western NY,
I spent some time poolside with my father in-law

Picking up a dropped stitch on that red scarf (Irish Hiking) I am making for the Red Scarf project.

Yeah, Live stitches
to the right .

Dropped stitch on the Purl before the cable.

However, as evidenced by this piccie
you would never know it happened.

But wait, that's not all.

Before the Shetland, there was the Icelandic that I have
given away to someone who actually likes the stuff.

I hated spinning this, it felt (no pun wanted) like spinning Brillo!!!
Right now, I am spinning pure black merino from spinner's hill

What a pleasure......

One more photo from the bonfire.