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The poster bearer cried...

I get it, the Linux users all drank the Cool-Aid. Crossover Pro, Wine will not install any version of Corel Office aka WordPerfect Office.
For a smack down report of who wins the war see this link Microsoft Word VS Corel WordPerfect
In short WordPerfect wins the feature war. but on Linux here in openoffice "This project is a place holder for Reveal Codes functionality. It is currently not being worked on."

Corel, I challenge you to open the codes.

Meanwhile, my main box that I sadly still run on
windows xp pro SP3. That I have put spybot on,
have a software and hardware firewall;
Use Firefox to surf the web, have all the bells and
whistles to keep the damn thing secure picked up AV 2010 a nasty little morphing beast
that usually takes about an hour to clean out..
except my free AVG activated it... Wiped my boot sector...

Trying recovery console....



Last resort, salvage docs, settings and application data

Nuke from orbit aka re-image....

(not from my pc)…