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Okay, I am drooling.

Too bad it's only about $50,000.00 after Federal Rebate
because it's electric This announcement
err news story over at Information week gave me
pause. Simply put I have been following Tesla Motors
since it's IPO and fundraising state from way back when.

"The basic version of the Model S is expected
to go from zero to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds.
Tesla has a production goal of 20,000 units per
year and plans to offer three battery options.
The entry-level auto will have a battery
capable of a 160-mile range. The other options
will have a 230-mile range and a 300-mile range."

Faster Pussycat KILL! KILL!

Drool more over here

The only sad thing is that the heavy duty throaty
rumble of big block something is going away bit by bit.

More Stash enhancement

I finished spinning some roving that Tina gave to me.

The source/sheep is unknown, but
seems to be tough enough to be sock yarn.

The colors are richer than above, and the
yarn is wet.

Would you folks believe that I have only been
spinning since last June?

Can't wait until I can figure out what I have
in yards....


Folks on ravelry can see the stash details here.

One last piccie in the infant stage before I
plied it.

Stash enhancement

On March 8th this year, there was this fiber thing that my friend Tina put together
called "Stir Crazy Stitch and Spin" down in Hudson NY. It was held at the Hudson Opera House

What's this got to do with stash enhancement? You say....

Tina had door prizes I won this lovely purple bit of fiber from
Also, seekay was there with this bit of Merino I could not pass up.

Yes, I believe that I can spin this

Wadda ya think T?

Stash Enhancement

Someone really likes me or Tina rigged the door prize.

I got this kick butt bit of Merino from Zarzuela's donation to the

Two Pictures No Text


Apple shrunk my kid

READ HERE It does not come with a headphone adapter? 
Yeah that's the shuffle, the annoying kid brother of the IPOD line. They make it smaller so it's easier to break and easier to lose.
Even more, Special $30.00 head phones. I will give this one a pass.
I don't like the previous designs. So why Apple, Why?

Okay, it's geeky..

I was given a late birthday gift over the weekend
by a non-knitter, my friend Flame.

Just what I want to do, knit in the dark. NOT

Okay, good idea, but obviously
she is overconfident in my knitting ability.
I don't think I can knit in the dark...
not yet.

Speaking of which, I am still trying to come up
with a pattern for that damned bulky STICKY
hand spun that I mentioned here .

I cast on 80 stitches on 10.5 circs
in hopes of a hat.

NO, bad gauge, bad gauge.

Looked like a hat for an ogre, Remind me again why I knit?

Out it came, all of it frogged back to much amusement of the cat.

I started this blog in hopes of getting input into my creative process and
maybe create a small circle of friends.

Meanwhile on the tech horizon, I am reminded of what I get to deal with most days
when I walk into work.

It's broken, they want it fixed now. Today it's email being down.
Also a pc that needed to be "rolled back" so it could boot.

Ah, this is why I knit. To work with my heart and hands, and may…