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Friday, June 18, 2010

The paper holds their folded faces to the floor.

I don't know what happened to the last two months, they just disappeared.

Let's get you all caught up. First things first. I HAVE NOTHING on the needles. The knitting mojo left just about the time I got my surgery date.

Let's fix this... like yesterday..
I will be down one arm for most of the summer.
So, goodbye Sirius Rising, Camping,
any heavy lifting and working in the garden.

Even Phaedre is down for the summer minus her wheel...

It's a sad time here..

Okay, the summer started off great with Clermont.

Oodles of fluffy goodness.

Then proceeded to Memorial Day and
Mass Sheep and Wool (Cummington)

Wait a minute, where's the crowd?

Somethings off....

But Dave of Merlintree was there with his
CPW wheels on parade.

All of them beautifully restored.

That's where Phaedre's Wheel is getting repaired.

I ran across the new Kromski there

Simple in execution, lovely in design.
I know it would spin well

But it does not fold. (vid)

One of the simplest things
that I wish I had purchased was this


On the geeky side of the house.

Doc, my print/file/music server died
horribly. I went to boot it up after a circuit
breaker popped and he did not come back on line.

Main 40 gb hard drive may be toast.

Both of my older P3 form
factor boards had bad capacitors
so they would not boot past post.

$40.00 later and a run on the test bench...


P4M80-M4 $20.00
Socket 478 2.4 Ghz P-4 CPU used $20.00
1 GB Ram Free
2 each 80 GB IDE Drives Free
1 each 60 GB IDE Drive Free
Case & Power supply Free
CD/RW Free
Runs headless XP Pro SP3

I did a major overkill here.

See the dead mobos on the monitor?

Some more eye candy..

Say hi to Emma, H's new toy.

She spins like a dream.

Until next time.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I may make you feel but I can't make you think.

Revisiting last years post of it's not rocket science.
I forgot to get an action shot of Phaedre in action.

She was being all sorts of balky yesterday on the
wood floor of the Athens Cultural Center
The uprights were bouncing all over the place
and it appears that her wheel has gotten
even more off center than usual. I think I need to
tear her down and straighten her wheel.

but she still works.

I was the only man that was spinning yesterday
it's odd, being literally the "odd" man out in a room
of 30 +/- Women 4 Men and just 2 of us men-folk
actually play with yarn and fiber.

Guys, pick up your pointy sticks!!! We are losing the
race and the skills.

Speaking of skills, on the radar for the last few years
has been this little gem from

Low power media server. Parts?
I have two slightly dead laptops
one of which could turn into this...

or this

But, considering were I live and the age of the house
I am leaning toward the second of the two.

after all it's a Victorian era farmhouse

more info on the second project Steampunk workshop

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meanwhile back in the year One --- when you belonged to no-one ---

Yes, the ancient addiction returns..
Before WOW there was
Barren Realms Elite!!!

Sometimes older is better...

Speaking of "Older"......

Can we say "Gopher"?
Knew you could....