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The lunatics are in my hall...

Remember America's Job Bank?
Something run by public entities?

America's Job Bank

I have not used the site since 2006..

Fast forward....

It's no longer run by public entities
In fact, AJB.ORG as we knew it shut down operations in
2007 due to cuts in the US Department of Labor of the
Bush era, the services were outsourced to something that
looked like a company in the US... Until I had
to troubleshoot at work today...


I called and got someone with an Indian accent.

Okay, I get this, I too was outsourced in 2004 from BOFA
to EDS...

Now here comes the part that should anger every tax paying

America's Job Exchange is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NaviSite,
headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts.

I love the stock photo for ALL of their data-centers

So I back track some more..
A coupla whois etc... and I hit gold...

OrgAbuseName: NaviSite Abuse Team
OrgAbusePhone: 1-978-682-8300
1-978-682-3800 NaviSite Inc.
+1 508 5…