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Sunday sock update.

Hi folks, while Harriet is playing with henna at Tina's
I was tasked with going to the bank, and then a
trip east to the super secret road side spring.

Well, it's an open secret, as I first heard of this
spring when I was living in Schenectady.

In fact one winter we saw it briefly, when Harriet and
I were out driving. It took us an additional 7 years
to find it again. We KNEW it was east of Troy
some where but could not find it until earlier
this spring (pardon the pun).

Since then, to save money on bottled water
we will refill our own bottles.

All I will say is that the spring is roadside on a
north-south road between NY 2 and US 20

There are your clues, go forth and find it.

Meanwhile, those socks are progressing.

Socks at work.

Socks outdoors

Get ready for your close-up

I am digging these socks.

Mystery Wheel

Over the weekend, My wife Harriet and I hit an
estate sale because we saw
in the local edition of Craigslist.

What really intrigued us was this snippet from the ad
To us, small means an Ashford not a great wheel

What we found was

Marked at $125.00

This made me
want to pass..

Except this was
day TWO of the
sale and everything

HALF-PRICE...... This was worth $62.50 even if
it did not work just for parts...

I does not have a makers mark however

BTW it does spin...

See this image ..

I added that purple leader and I spun that last
night. Oh yeah it's a double drive that seems
to have leather bearings and a solid flyer / whorl

Detail here....

Maddening I say, he who is used
to the Ashford set up.

I think it's from the mid-sixties
as a kit-decorative wheel as
the mains are affixed to the platen
via square head 1/4" 20's nuts.

And the legs
have thread heads
for screwing into
the platen.

Lower right
in the detail shot

Dobby is stuck on socks

No URLs to get off track on, just a quick one before I go away.
For Tina I have a clearer pic of what I spun up

AND the project in the making....

I am so gonna like these, I like the feel of the yarn along
with the way it's knitting up quickly.

I am going south this weekend to do the Pesach thing
with Harriet's sister Susan and the whole family.

Happy whatever spring celebration seems appropriate.


"Socks are Dobby's favorite, favorite clothes, sir!"

Dobby has a new pair of them... Finally
I have been working on these since January.

Above is the first part of the toe up construction.
I used the "forward" wrap method which requires
you to make the cast on by knitting it...
It only makes sense when you do it. Trust me
it's brain bleeding..

The toes had an increase of a two stitches every row until I had 44 sts
a round.

Later on, when I had progressed beyond that point
I truly felt as if I had a real sock in the making.

Then I hit the heal.... and the "rip and repeat" learning curve.
It was NOT a fun time.. when you had to really learn
short row heal and screw it up time and again.

But last night, finally, after 3 months of these living in my knitting bag,
they are done.

I so am stoked that I actually did these.


That FUGLY blue yarn mentioned here has gone
to stash camp in the basement along with
a few of the other "not stash" yarns.

On a geeky note, I got to play with a toy

ACER has a better one but this was TOO cut…