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Where do I start?

I made it to the HUDSON RIVER STITCH and Spin over the weekend, sufficed to say,
TU FIBER BLOG and ROWSRED (she who organized it) covered it better than I.

However I spun full tilt boogie on Phaedre

I still feel that I have got nowhere as the fiber I am spinning is
40 WPI!!!!! Not quite gossamer but getting damned close.

I did get a chance to drag my previous fiber out into the light
540 yards +/- ~ of Spring Green colorway by SEEKAY
Merino goodness..

I already have a pattern, she who spins is getting
another lovely scarf, lace of course.

Oh, one more thing.........

My workplace has something vaguely related to fiber.

As in the former business........

HUYCK FELT Co after a few mergers and sales (research paper here SAGE COLLEGE)

I've always sorta known I'd wind up in a fiber mill...
My first job was refinishing Wire Stitchers

and a stitch is a stitch......

Time for more projects.

You all know about the next set of socks that
I cast on, right?

Knit Picks tweed essential
I love the feel of this yarn on my hands
I can't wait until they get on my feet.

and I am spinning this....

CORRECTION it's shetland,

This came from

Finally I cast this on this afternoon...

It's a charity project for the RED SCARF project
Pattern is here

This is for aged out foster children who are in college
or vocational school to give them a red scarf for
Valentine's day and to show support that, yes
there is someone who cares......

Troy Night Life

For what it's worth, there ain't much unless you drink.
Even then, most of those places are hardcore dives.

Yet, there is one place that can be counted on
time and time again.....

Yeah, I am a sucker for the "Upstate Soft cone" the $2.00
treat that kept us going and driving from one stand to another
when were utterly broke when we arrived here.
Yeah, Corner Ice Cream is still the best Followed closely
by Jumpin' Jacks

Snow Man sadly is not in the running.. but still places in the top 20

This place is located on 5th Ave in the 'Burg, open 'til 10:00

Yes, it's been too long or WTF it's JUNE???

Okay, you got me, since I last posted, I finished this
Merino from SeeKay Colorway "Spring Green" I loved working with her fiber.

Took you to work to see what my desk really looks like.

and rode my bike to Lock 2 of the Erie canal
(There is NO lock 1!)

I also went to the Woolgathering at Thatcher Park
I am short of words this month because I have been relatively silent and more contemplative as of late.
I have been spinning more and knitting less I have become enamored with Corriedale roving and seem to purchase it every chance I get.

Lyman's Sleighbell Farm 4oz $5.oo
A nice brown that I am going to blend with another bit of the Cory Cross that is from Tina to see what happens.
That's all for now, as I said, summer is close and I become word-less.
Until next time.