Thursday, November 2, 2017

Roadkill on the Information Superhighway.

I miss dos, I seriously do.

I miss the autoexec.bat, config.sys to load the drivers for cd roms and sound cards

Blue Wave for dos

Bluewave offline Blue wave packet reader
Qwk Reader and all around best piece of off
line reader of all time.

Why you ask


As you can see,  my time on the DOS side of the web was not short,

So lets start with the list of possible siglines I can use with this?

Hmm which one to chose to make the sarcasm a bit more pointed?

OS/2 vs. Windows is a no-Win situation. or
or How do you make Windows faster?  Throw it harder!
or Bang on the LEFT side of your computer to restart Windows...
or OS/2 - Half an operating system?

In an OS discussion group.

"Amazing God would waste skin on trash like that..." -- Crow
"And I say I'm dead and I move." -- The Crow
"And the shadows... my God, the shadows..." -- The Crow
"Mama say stupid is as stupid does." Forrest Gump
"Jenny and me was like peas and carrots." Forrest Gump
"Are you stupid of something?" Jenny
in a movie group


Emoticon lessons

Emoticon:  !-(    Black eye
Emoticon:  $-)    Alex P. Keaton
Emoticon:  %*@:-(    Hung over
Emoticon:  %-)    User has been staring at screen for 15 hours.
Emoticon:  %-6    User is braindead
Emoticon:  %-    Drunk with laughter
Emoticon:  '-)    Wink
Emoticon:  ((((8-)    Marge Simpson
Emoticon:  (-:    User is left handed
Emoticon:  (8-)=    Sent by an owl
Emoticon:  (8-o    It's Mr. Bill!
Emoticon:  (:-)....    Man drooling
Emoticon:  (:I    Egghead
Emoticon:  (:\/    Sent by a duck
Emoticon:  )8-)    Scuba smiley big-face
Emoticon:  ):-(    Unsmiley big-face
<:- a="" br="" claus="" hat="" is="" nbsp="" santa="" user="" wearing="">Emoticon:  +:-)    Smiley priest
Emoticon:  ,-)    One eyed winking man
Emoticon:  - -:-¨    Real punk rockers don't smile
Emoticon:  -::-)    User is a punk rocker
Emoticon:  -O    "Omigod!!" (done after "rm -rf *" ?)
Emoticon:  .-{]    One eyed pirate w/ moustache
Emoticon:  /:-|    Mr. Spock
Emoticon:  3:[    Mean Pet smilie
Emoticon:  3:]    Pet smilie
Emoticon:  7:^]    Ronald Regan?
Emoticon:  8 :-)    User is a wizard
Emoticon:  8-)    User wears glasses
Emoticon:  8-]    "wow, maaan"
Emoticon:  8-|    Eyes wide with surprise
Emoticon:  8:-)    Glasses on forehead
Emoticon:  8:-)    User is a little girl
Emoticon:  :'-(    User is crying
Emoticon:  :'-)    User is so happy, s/he is crying
Emoticon:  :(    Sad
Emoticon:  :)    Happy
Emoticon:  :)    Midget smilie
Emoticon:  :*    Kisses
Emoticon:  :*)    User is drunk
Emoticon:  :*>    cat
Emoticon:  :+(    Punched nose, hurt
Emoticon:  :,(    Crying
Emoticon:  :-!    foot in mouth
Emoticon:  :-#    My lips are sealed
Emoticon:  :-#    User wears braces
Emoticon:  :-#|    Smiley face with bushy mustache
Emoticon:  :-$    Smiley face with it's mouth wired shut
Emoticon:  :-%    Smiley banker
Emoticon:  :-&   User is tongue tied.
Emoticon:  :-'    Smoker
Emoticon:  :-(    Frowning smilie.
Emoticon:  :-(  )    you backed your car over my toe
Emoticon:  :-)    Your basic smile.
Emoticon:  :-)(    Mixed Emotion Smile
Emoticon:  :-)-8    User is a Big girl
Emoticon:  :-)8    Sent by gentleman (bow tie)
Emoticon:  :-)=---    Man with a tie
Emoticon:  :-)~    User drools
Emoticon:  :-*     Oops!
Emoticon:  :-*     User just ate something sour
Emoticon:  :-,     "Hmmmm "
Emoticon:  :--)     Jamie Farr (Clinger from M*A*S*H)
Emoticon:  :-/     User is skeptical
Emoticon:  :-0     No Yelling!  (Quiet Lab)
Emoticon:  :-1     Smiley bland face
Emoticon:  :-6     Smiley sticking out Tongue
Emoticon:  :-7     Smiley after a wry statement
Emoticon:  :-8(     Condescending stare
Emoticon:  :-9     User is licking his/her lips
Emoticon:  :-:     Mutant Smilie
Emoticon:  :-<     Moustache
Emoticon:  :-=)     Older smiley with mustache
Emoticon:  :->     Hey, hey!
Emoticon:  :->     User just made a really biting sarcastic remark
Emoticon:  :-?     Sherlock Holmes with a calabash
Emoticon:  :-?     User smokes a pipe
Emoticon:  :-@     User is screaming
Emoticon:  :-C     User is really bummed
Emoticon:  :-d     Lefty smiley razzing you
Emoticon:  :-D     User is laughing (at you!)
Emoticon:  :-E     Bucktoothed vampire
Emoticon:  :-e     Disappointed smiley
Emoticon:  :-F     Bucktoothed vampire with one tooth missing
Emoticon:  :-I     Hmm
Emoticon:  :-I     Indifferent smilie.
Emoticon:  :-j     Left smiling smilely
Emoticon:  :-k     Beats me, looks like something, tho.
Emoticon:  :-l     Y. a. s.
Emoticon:  :-O     Shouting.
Emoticon:  :-o     Yawn
Emoticon:  :-P     Nyah, nyah
Emoticon:  :-p     Smiley sticking its tongue out (at you!)
Emoticon:  :-P     Tongue hanging out in anticipation
Emoticon:  :-q     Smiley trying to touch its tongue to its nose
Emoticon:  :-Q     User is a smoker
Emoticon:  :-s     Smiley after a BIZARRE comment
Emoticon:  :-S     User just made an incoherent statement
Emoticon:  :-t     Cross smile├╣
Emoticon:  :-x     "My lips are sealed" smiley
Emoticon:  :-x     Kiss kiss
Emoticon:  :-Y     A quiet aside
Emoticon:  :-z     Y.a.c.s.
Emoticon:  :-[     Pouting
Emoticon:  :-[     User is a Vampire
Emoticon:  :-\     Undecided smiley
Emoticon:  :-]     Smiley blockhead
Emoticon:  :-`     Smiley spitting out its chewing tobacco
Emoticon:  :-{     Mustache
Emoticon:  :-{     Smiley variation on a theme
Emoticon:  :-{)>    User has moustach├ą & gotee


Roadkill on the Information Superhighway.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014


My last birthday, I went skiing. This is how I always spend my birthday.
However this time I went back to one of my favorite places in the 'Dax

Hickory Ski Center

For a place that's been around since 1946!; it remains a little known area outside of Warrensburg NY

They re-opened 2009-2010 after having a hiatus of a few years.

First things first, there are no chair lifts at this mountain. This fact may turn away most skiers.


Don't let the this scare you off.
POMA is one of the faster lifts.

The only drawback that I found was for every down there is an up.

You ski the mountain both ways.

Secondly, in the era of global warming, It's natural snow only...
So you get what you get.

Ski Report 2-17-2014

My wife and I got up there around noon, I don't normally ski longer than four hours since I have had broken my right leg back in 1991 at Mt Baldy (long story there)

She found the place delightful and rustic. I had plans to go with a friend, but he could not make it, so Harriet stepped in to keep me company.

The lodge had been rebuilt in the 70's after a fire, but they used the original plans to build it they way it looked in the 40's (best I could tell)

You have to understand, it's not the lodge that makes the experience, it's the people.
It's as if you are part of a small club, the staff are warm and welcoming.

There were quite a few "this is the first time we've been here." folks also.

My wife does not ski. So her hanging out in the lodge required us to make sure she had things to do. She packed her knitting, her drop spindle, audio books, comfy chair and lunch; as the lodge just has picnic tables.

She set up next to the fire place, settled in and I was off to the slopes.

Three days earlier there was a 15 inch snow fall, but I know the slopes
so I grabbed my rock skis that I had found on the side of the road in May this year.

I rode Poma 1 to the mid-station to the top of Honey Run to test my legs, the snow and my new to me remounted bindings.

The snow had been packed down, but there was some "freshies" still on the side of the trail. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing off about fresh powder, but I had been skiing just an average of two outings a winter for the last twelve years.

I may be an expert skier, but I ain't stupid. Honey Run was kind to my legs so I dropped down to the T-bar as that area of the mountain is the first place to melt off and I had never seen the T-bar run before.

Let's say I am no fan of the newer t-bars.... I could not get the movable T positioned correctly so I wrapped my arm around the tube and the T and was dragged up-right on my skis up hill. Needless to say that's the last time I went near the T-Bar.

At the top of the T-bar I headed over to Cotton Tail then traversed to Poma-2
Poma 2 for the uninitiated runs faster than Poma 1. It also runs over a variable landscape of rills and hillocks. Luckily, the snow was forgiving.

I will not go into details of the rest of my runs, but I took a lunch break around 2 pm to check on Harriet and eat.

She was engaged in conversation as always and she never got to hear her audio books and barely knit!

I hit the slope again to poma 1 then went on slope for another hour.

My legs let me know I was done after I hit Upper Beatnik. My right leg had a cramp, so I took it slowly and actually wound up making fresh tracks in the middle of Upper Beatnik.

At 3:30 I was done for the day, the lodge was closing down and the last shift for ski patrol had hit the slopes for clearing.

I advise anyone who is search of a memorable ski area GO HERE!

More pic's at this gallery...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

From the ashes, rise.

Yes, it's me. After a long hiatus, I decided to dust off my blog and let you know what's happening in my part of the world.

I have knit some, Kali, the cat in my lap from the last post, has left us and left a hole in my heart.

One of the most amazing things happened, We,my wife Harriet and I, bought a house,

You have to understand that this was one of the most stressful, happy, agonizing four months of my life.

We found it by accident. We were not looking for it. It happened.

We were out driving one day along Rosendale/River Road in Niskyuna. 
One of the great houses that have been renovated/restored went on the market. Take a minute pull up google maps and query this address:2947 Rosendale Road, Schenectady, United States. Now do a "street view"

Oh here it is...


Oops a little out of the price range.

So, Harriet had Zillow on her Iphone, zoomed out to the wider area of Albany and found something... listed for $127,500 (let that sink in for a minute)

NOTHING in the area lists under $150,000 unless there is a wet basement, needs a new roof, all new plumbing, has been abandoned, has a tree growing out of the roof, etc.

Except, This particular house was IN OUR TARGET neighborhood!
Has only two particulars listed.

1190 sq feet, two baths.

No other data except for the address.

This is what we saw when we got there...

Hmm, does not look all that bad...

In fact, it was listed entirely wrong.

particulars from the first walk through.

Three bed rooms, two full baths and an additional 800 square feet on the first floor
not in the original listing.

We did something totally unexpected, I put an offer in for asking price.

and waited for the news.

Two weeks later and an additional $12,500 on my offer, my bid was accepted.

Mind you, I went in ONE WEEK, from not having ANY idea what I could get in the way of financing to having a mortgage application in.

I had to clean up an old paid off debt on TUESDAY that week to having a mortgage
commitment letter on FRIDAY.

That was the second week of May.

Then the roller coaster.... of the deal falling apart at any minute to sitting in the living room of said house after closing on August the 7th, I have lived here
now for 1 week and 3 days.

I now have become a complete adult..

More later


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Don't know how it feels; to be thick as a brick

My gods, it's been a full year since the last posting and
I have no idea why I still keep this active.
Let's just say that I need to toss out some at length writing
to remind me that I still occasionally write.

This year's tree... 2011

Earlier this evening, found an almost dead
cat on the road. Of course I had to stop
take her off the street.

Another victim of the road...
she rests near my outdoor altar.

That's not how the day should have gone.
but it's almost a wistful wheeze ending of the year,
less than a whimper, a petering-out.

It's been a roller coaster, a year long slog through
the dark side of my soul.

Now, at the ending, I rejoice that

Morgan LeChat
The Empress of the Known Universe,

Queen of the depths beyond ,

and Protector of the Outer-Realm

Herself when she was feasting on lizards
at her winter home in Florida (98-2000)

Is now up to her all time high weight
since she got sick over the summer.

Weighed 6 LBS 3 Oz 8/27/2011
Weighed 8 LBS 13 OZ 12/25/2011

I have successfully knit a toddler sweater
for my Grand-Niece

and another year has gone by....

I still am in love with my wife, Harriet
and I still have the same job I started the year with.

I still drive the same car..

That's life in the north country.. slow

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The silver cord lies on the ground...

Greetings from the North-Country;

It's been far too long, and it's December already.

The garden has gone from this

To this....

While inside we have
decorated the tree..

A FO and a project that I have on the needles.

The hat is to be gifted, the socks are MINE ;-)
The hat is out of Bartlett hand spun
that I received as two huge balls of roving.

I spun it about a year or so ago and got 280 +/- yards
out of one of the balls.

It languished in "I dunno what to do with it.."
and it finally became a hat.

Let's take a look out the back, up the valley.

This was in November.

Now we have this sight of the other day.

You may see the fog that has settled along the water.

As the days grow shorter, remember it's not that
far from dancing the Maypole.....

"When you breathe your last line
Will you make your exit stage left/stage right?
Well, you might decide while there's still time.

You have an angel on your shoulder
But you wear the old god's horns.
And you dance around the maypole
While the vicar makes a toast
To the pagan celebration
And extends an invitation to us all
So he can save us when we fall."

Ian Anderson (c)

"we light the flame and the sun returns"
TMD 1994/Willow Lodge variant

Have a blessed holiday season