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Timothy Leary's dead. No, no, no, no, He's outside looking in.

I have been on a Moody Blues kick lately so
bear with me.

Let's see what we have been up at the Fort's Ferry house.

First of all the bedroom is finally painted. Except for the inevitable
second coat of paint on the window frames, I can put away the
painting supplies.

A quick look at the latest sundown.

I can never tire of that view.

But as the sun went down on that day, I could also
celebrate the fact that our guests can close a door.

This was the project my Father-in-law
Lester and I had done together out on the deck
with a circular saw.

The interesting thing about working on such an
old house is that nothing is square, and nothing
is standard.

This door had to be cut to fit a doorway 29 inches and 3/8ths
so to have the required 1/8" clearance we had
to take a 30" 3/8ths wide door (told you nothing is square)
down to a 29" and 3/16ths. of an inch

Have you ever cut a 16th of an inch using a saw?
That is the width of a blade, also a fair thickness of a
pencil lead.

Behold, the doorway …

Angel on my shoulder but wear the OLD GOD's horns!

Just because

Thirty years of progress....

Need a hard drive?

Fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me

I am debating upgrading dopey again

I am currently running Intrepid (8.10)
I don't particularly like the way Ibis
handles the R30 track-pad

There are great instructions here...
from Ubuntu Geek.

I will think about it a little further.

Let's take a closer look of the fiber that I am spinning this month.

I will have lots of Corrie to knit this summer.

BTW, Phaedre is going to the wheel hospital
via Dave's at Clermont and get her back at
Cummington or I can drive from here to there
in 4 hours 20 minutes one way, or I can wait a month
or he can ship.

Watch out, there's this "New Street"
that could be confused with "Old Street"
it's around the post office.....

Cya next week.....

I may make you feel but I can't make you think.

Revisiting last years post of it's not rocket science.
I forgot to get an action shot of Phaedre in action.

She was being all sorts of balky yesterday on the
wood floor of the Athens Cultural Center
The uprights were bouncing all over the place
and it appears that her wheel has gotten
even more off center than usual. I think I need to
tear her down and straighten her wheel.

but she still works.

I was the only man that was spinning yesterday
it's odd, being literally the "odd" man out in a room
of 30 +/- Women 4 Men and just 2 of us men-folk
actually play with yarn and fiber.

Guys, pick up your pointy sticks!!! We are losing the
race and the skills.

Speaking of skills, on the radar for the last few years
has been this little gem from

Low power media server. Parts?
I have two slightly dead laptops
one of which could turn into this...

or this

But, considering were I live and the age of the house
I am leaning toward the second of the two.

after all it's a Victorian era fa…

Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year

I went to an event discussing blogging last
night, I can say it was excruciatingly long on
time and short of content as most blogs are...

Then there's mine.. I hope.

As you all know out there in the world
I have moved into a lovely old house
with a commanding view of the Mohawk

Harriet found herself at the Town Hall
yesterday with some time to kill
and happened onto the town historian
who gave us the story of our house.

and pictures

It was the "Fort" house as he knew it.

This one may be when they moved in.

This one is probably 10-15 years later.

It's the same woman, or at least
someone related.

She also hung her laundry on a line
under the porch roof.

It's practice that is evidenced in both
these old photos

just zoom on them.

I love a practical woman.

Through the magic of Google Street View
lets look at circa 2006

The first photo dates from around
1870, the second from around 1900
(Pneumatic tyres on the bicycle)

I can just say.. I love this house.

Speaking of pictures.

My shoulder is messed …