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Knife in a back and more of the same....

While out and about at the Southern Adirondacks Fiber Festival at Washington County Fairgrounds

I took a few pictures

Here are the Sisters, the could not bring their goats...

Hoot and a half and all smiles

Bad timing on the part of the vet and the rabies
vacine did take. They were hoping to sell a couple.

Watch out for evil puppets...

Yeah, it's a puppet.. unlike this one

Yes there are two there.....

My Favorite fiber vendor was there

I like the curve here

This year I actually got to feel the prize


For what it's worth, all the fleece sold on the first day.

This being the second year, the organizers did something different.
There were more vendors (behind link) this year.

In the first barn.....


A last look up midway

Colorful spindles....

I have more pictures but not tonight....