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Surfing the Interwebs Locally

Just to let you know, I survived Cummington. I again could not get the Hitchhiker wheel to work for me. Dave of Merlin Tree , thanks for your patience.

I started surfing the net this morning with thoughts of Cummington and how Daniel took to weaving. So off I went to Eastside Weavers I got the info on the item that I was interested in, but on that page I saw that they had joined an alliance with Fulton St Gallery here in Troy, so off I went. On that page there was a link to a local Arts blog Get Visual so I landed there.

On that page there was a review of an exhibit at the TANG teaching museum in Saratoga

With me so far?

What does this have to do with fiber?

Trust me it's geeky.

Because on this page There is this item.....

That's Knitted!

That's all for today


Those socks are done.

From the start as fiber that I got as a Christmas 2008 grab bag.

I spun the fiber into yarn from Dec 26th 2008 to Approximately March 22 2009.

I plied the yarn from March 22 ~ March 24th.

I cast on Approximately April 7th

I bound off tonight 5/22/2009

No wonder it felt as if I was knitting these
an eternity ... I had my hands on them for about
six months in one form or another.

Now I know why people in the OLD days
only had two or three pair of socks
at a time.

They took forever to make.

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