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Hats and other wierdness.

I confess, I have been knitting less than six months and have only been spinning since July '08.

I go to a Friday knit night here ; Beauknits

They have NOT seen my halting 20 stitch cast on practice project that I ripped out because it's "only knitting" They have only seen me do this :

Which I was crazy enough to do twice.

Pattern available here. Hat for a Boyfriend

I admit, the Plymouth Yarn Boku
was damned fiddly and kept splitting when I was knitting it.

and they saw me work on this;

Pattern here Helmet Liner

So it's weird being the only male to show up Friday's (until recently) and being taken for an experienced knitter.

If they only knew ;-)

If they only knew when I get trusted to look at screwed up knitting and see where the mistakes where. I was most honored when I was asked for a second opinion.

I love the fact that I was accepted into this circle; also I am NOT AFRAID to take on new projects.

It's blue and bulky.

Now what to do with it? I have a few ideas but nothing that screams at me YOU MUST.

Let's backtrack a little, I was gifted this roving during the summer. I have the darkish red cousin to it still in the bag. It spun up slubby when I plied it. So it's really not uniform

I want to do something for me that is not going to look like ass.

Example ;

Yes I said it; Heresy you say... The Jayne hat will look like ASS on me.

Here is what I have to work with 250 +/- yards bulky.

I want a hat that's going to be for me and fit my head and style.


Okay it's not rocket science

It's spinning on an Ashford Traditional circa mid 1970's with the 3 ratio flyer mod along with a "springy" drive band mod. 
Example of genre to my left.
It's far from rocket science as one could get. I mean it's wood and leather and metal.
I am trying to spin fiber for socks that I will be knitting.
Example of fiber;

So add that to my skill set besides fixing bloody windows boxes.
I like this yarn and hope it does work out for soxes..
Stay tuned for 250 +/- yards of Blue Super Bulky tomorrow

Just what we needed, another fiber blog.

I have a quick 25 minutes before I leave for the day.

Yes, another fiber blog but with a twist. There will be geeky news.

Odd references to TV shows and my occasional OMG I can't believe he's KNITTING that.. etc.

Also expect me to wax poetic about turning fleece into yarn.