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for a lead role in a cage?

Update on the Mystery wheel.

I saw another almost like it with a smaller wheel
when we went to Adirondack fiber festival
last year.

So I know there are more out there.
Even Dave is flummoxed on what
make it is.

So, any takers from the field?



Look at the sky, look at the river, isn't good?

The longer I live here, the more I love this house.

This morning is glorious, albeit a little on the cool side
with the temp widget showing 13 degrees F or for those
who made the jump to metric -10.5 degrees celsius.

Looking out of the skylight in the slowly coming together
craft room.

Yet another look out of the upper hallway window

I really don't get tired of the view.

Which reminds me, I did actually knit in December

FO Hat for Foster Child, Boy Aged 10
Ribbed Snow Hat.

It came together so fast, that I decided to
knit another for myself.

Simply because, I don't have hair now.

Yeah, It's gone.... 3 years in the growing.
Oh, the scarf?

Harriet knit that for me a buncha years ago
and it's still one of my favorites.

For what it's worth, the girls
won't get out of bed.