Roadkill on the Information Superhighway.

I miss dos, I seriously do.

I miss the autoexec.bat, config.sys to load the drivers for cd roms and sound cards

Blue Wave for dos

Bluewave offline Blue wave packet reader
Qwk Reader and all around best piece of off
line reader of all time.

Why you ask


As you can see,  my time on the DOS side of the web was not short,

So lets start with the list of possible siglines I can use with this?

Hmm which one to chose to make the sarcasm a bit more pointed?

OS/2 vs. Windows is a no-Win situation. or
or How do you make Windows faster?  Throw it harder!
or Bang on the LEFT side of your computer to restart Windows...
or OS/2 - Half an operating system?

In an OS discussion group.

"Amazing God would waste skin on trash like that..." -- Crow
"And I say I'm dead and I move." -- The Crow
"And the shadows... my God, the shadows..." -- The Crow
"Mama say stupid is as stupid does." Forrest Gump
"Jenny and me was like peas and carrots." Forrest Gump
"Are you stupid of something?" Jenny
in a movie group


Emoticon lessons

Emoticon:  !-(    Black eye
Emoticon:  $-)    Alex P. Keaton
Emoticon:  %*@:-(    Hung over
Emoticon:  %-)    User has been staring at screen for 15 hours.
Emoticon:  %-6    User is braindead
Emoticon:  %-    Drunk with laughter
Emoticon:  '-)    Wink
Emoticon:  ((((8-)    Marge Simpson
Emoticon:  (-:    User is left handed
Emoticon:  (8-)=    Sent by an owl
Emoticon:  (8-o    It's Mr. Bill!
Emoticon:  (:-)....    Man drooling
Emoticon:  (:I    Egghead
Emoticon:  (:\/    Sent by a duck
Emoticon:  )8-)    Scuba smiley big-face
Emoticon:  ):-(    Unsmiley big-face
<:- a="" br="" claus="" hat="" is="" nbsp="" santa="" user="" wearing="">Emoticon:  +:-)    Smiley priest
Emoticon:  ,-)    One eyed winking man
Emoticon:  - -:-¨    Real punk rockers don't smile
Emoticon:  -::-)    User is a punk rocker
Emoticon:  -O    "Omigod!!" (done after "rm -rf *" ?)
Emoticon:  .-{]    One eyed pirate w/ moustache
Emoticon:  /:-|    Mr. Spock
Emoticon:  3:[    Mean Pet smilie
Emoticon:  3:]    Pet smilie
Emoticon:  7:^]    Ronald Regan?
Emoticon:  8 :-)    User is a wizard
Emoticon:  8-)    User wears glasses
Emoticon:  8-]    "wow, maaan"
Emoticon:  8-|    Eyes wide with surprise
Emoticon:  8:-)    Glasses on forehead
Emoticon:  8:-)    User is a little girl
Emoticon:  :'-(    User is crying
Emoticon:  :'-)    User is so happy, s/he is crying
Emoticon:  :(    Sad
Emoticon:  :)    Happy
Emoticon:  :)    Midget smilie
Emoticon:  :*    Kisses
Emoticon:  :*)    User is drunk
Emoticon:  :*>    cat
Emoticon:  :+(    Punched nose, hurt
Emoticon:  :,(    Crying
Emoticon:  :-!    foot in mouth
Emoticon:  :-#    My lips are sealed
Emoticon:  :-#    User wears braces
Emoticon:  :-#|    Smiley face with bushy mustache
Emoticon:  :-$    Smiley face with it's mouth wired shut
Emoticon:  :-%    Smiley banker
Emoticon:  :-&   User is tongue tied.
Emoticon:  :-'    Smoker
Emoticon:  :-(    Frowning smilie.
Emoticon:  :-(  )    you backed your car over my toe
Emoticon:  :-)    Your basic smile.
Emoticon:  :-)(    Mixed Emotion Smile
Emoticon:  :-)-8    User is a Big girl
Emoticon:  :-)8    Sent by gentleman (bow tie)
Emoticon:  :-)=---    Man with a tie
Emoticon:  :-)~    User drools
Emoticon:  :-*     Oops!
Emoticon:  :-*     User just ate something sour
Emoticon:  :-,     "Hmmmm "
Emoticon:  :--)     Jamie Farr (Clinger from M*A*S*H)
Emoticon:  :-/     User is skeptical
Emoticon:  :-0     No Yelling!  (Quiet Lab)
Emoticon:  :-1     Smiley bland face
Emoticon:  :-6     Smiley sticking out Tongue
Emoticon:  :-7     Smiley after a wry statement
Emoticon:  :-8(     Condescending stare
Emoticon:  :-9     User is licking his/her lips
Emoticon:  :-:     Mutant Smilie
Emoticon:  :-<     Moustache
Emoticon:  :-=)     Older smiley with mustache
Emoticon:  :->     Hey, hey!
Emoticon:  :->     User just made a really biting sarcastic remark
Emoticon:  :-?     Sherlock Holmes with a calabash
Emoticon:  :-?     User smokes a pipe
Emoticon:  :-@     User is screaming
Emoticon:  :-C     User is really bummed
Emoticon:  :-d     Lefty smiley razzing you
Emoticon:  :-D     User is laughing (at you!)
Emoticon:  :-E     Bucktoothed vampire
Emoticon:  :-e     Disappointed smiley
Emoticon:  :-F     Bucktoothed vampire with one tooth missing
Emoticon:  :-I     Hmm
Emoticon:  :-I     Indifferent smilie.
Emoticon:  :-j     Left smiling smilely
Emoticon:  :-k     Beats me, looks like something, tho.
Emoticon:  :-l     Y. a. s.
Emoticon:  :-O     Shouting.
Emoticon:  :-o     Yawn
Emoticon:  :-P     Nyah, nyah
Emoticon:  :-p     Smiley sticking its tongue out (at you!)
Emoticon:  :-P     Tongue hanging out in anticipation
Emoticon:  :-q     Smiley trying to touch its tongue to its nose
Emoticon:  :-Q     User is a smoker
Emoticon:  :-s     Smiley after a BIZARRE comment
Emoticon:  :-S     User just made an incoherent statement
Emoticon:  :-t     Cross smile├╣
Emoticon:  :-x     "My lips are sealed" smiley
Emoticon:  :-x     Kiss kiss
Emoticon:  :-Y     A quiet aside
Emoticon:  :-z     Y.a.c.s.
Emoticon:  :-[     Pouting
Emoticon:  :-[     User is a Vampire
Emoticon:  :-\     Undecided smiley
Emoticon:  :-]     Smiley blockhead
Emoticon:  :-`     Smiley spitting out its chewing tobacco
Emoticon:  :-{     Mustache
Emoticon:  :-{     Smiley variation on a theme
Emoticon:  :-{)>    User has moustach├ą & gotee


Roadkill on the Information Superhighway.



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