From the ashes, rise.

Yes, it's me. After a long hiatus, I decided to dust off my blog and let you know what's happening in my part of the world.

I have knit some, Kali, the cat in my lap from the last post, has left us and left a hole in my heart.

One of the most amazing things happened, We,my wife Harriet and I, bought a house,

You have to understand that this was one of the most stressful, happy, agonizing four months of my life.

We found it by accident. We were not looking for it. It happened.

We were out driving one day along Rosendale/River Road in Niskyuna. 
One of the great houses that have been renovated/restored went on the market. Take a minute pull up google maps and query this address:2947 Rosendale Road, Schenectady, United States. Now do a "street view"

Oh here it is...


Oops a little out of the price range.

So, Harriet had Zillow on her Iphone, zoomed out to the wider area of Albany and found something... listed for $127,500 (let that sink in for a minute)

NOTHING in the area lists under $150,000 unless there is a wet basement, needs a new roof, all new plumbing, has been abandoned, has a tree growing out of the roof, etc.

Except, This particular house was IN OUR TARGET neighborhood!
Has only two particulars listed.

1190 sq feet, two baths.

No other data except for the address.

This is what we saw when we got there...

Hmm, does not look all that bad...

In fact, it was listed entirely wrong.

particulars from the first walk through.

Three bed rooms, two full baths and an additional 800 square feet on the first floor
not in the original listing.

We did something totally unexpected, I put an offer in for asking price.

and waited for the news.

Two weeks later and an additional $12,500 on my offer, my bid was accepted.

Mind you, I went in ONE WEEK, from not having ANY idea what I could get in the way of financing to having a mortgage application in.

I had to clean up an old paid off debt on TUESDAY that week to having a mortgage
commitment letter on FRIDAY.

That was the second week of May.

Then the roller coaster.... of the deal falling apart at any minute to sitting in the living room of said house after closing on August the 7th, I have lived here
now for 1 week and 3 days.

I now have become a complete adult..

More later



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