Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hats and other wierdness.

I confess, I have been knitting less than six months and have only been spinning since July '08.

I go to a Friday knit night here ; Beauknits

They have NOT seen my halting 20 stitch cast on practice project that I ripped out because it's "only knitting" They have only seen me do this :

Which I was crazy enough to do twice.

Pattern available here. Hat for a Boyfriend

I admit, the Plymouth Yarn Boku
was damned fiddly and kept splitting when I was knitting it.

and they saw me work on this;

Pattern here Helmet Liner

So it's weird being the only male to show up Friday's (until recently) and being taken for an experienced knitter.

If they only knew ;-)

If they only knew when I get trusted to look at screwed up knitting and see where the mistakes where. I was most honored when I was asked for a second opinion.

I love the fact that I was accepted into this circle; also I am NOT AFRAID to take on new projects.


  1. And yet, I expect you in the "Beyond the Basics" class in March. Seriously, though, your projects are wonderful. Your lack of fear is awesome. No pictures of the sock in process?

  2. "No pictures of the sock in process?"

    Soon, soon as I am at the point of binding off the first and have 2" of ribbing.