Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Okay, it's geeky..

I was given a late birthday gift over the weekend
by a non-knitter, my friend Flame.

Just what I want to do, knit in the dark. NOT

Okay, good idea, but obviously
she is overconfident in my knitting ability.
I don't think I can knit in the dark...
not yet.

Speaking of which, I am still trying to come up
with a pattern for that damned bulky STICKY
hand spun that I mentioned here .

I cast on 80 stitches on 10.5 circs
in hopes of a hat.

NO, bad gauge, bad gauge.

Looked like a hat for an ogre, Remind me again why I knit?

Out it came, all of it frogged back to much amusement of the cat.

I started this blog in hopes of getting input into my creative process and
maybe create a small circle of friends.

Meanwhile on the tech horizon, I am reminded of what I get to deal with most days
when I walk into work.

It's broken, they want it fixed now. Today it's email being down.
Also a pc that needed to be "rolled back" so it could boot.

Ah, this is why I knit. To work with my heart and hands, and maybe my wife Harriet will get something out of that hand spun sometime before summer.


  1. Harriet thought she was going to knit something with the blue handspun. Perhaps she was mistaken?

  2. No, There are approx 270 +/- yards avail to play with

  3. Aw, c'mon - glow-in-the-dark knitting needles - isn't that the perfect gift for a gadget geek with a fiber fetish? {grin}

    Now, nothing can stop your flying ninja needles - not even dark of night. Have at it, young man! Wield those light sabers of knitting doom! Go forth and create (in the dark)! (Isn't there some sort of profound life metaphor in there somewhere?)