Monday, April 13, 2009

Mystery Wheel

Over the weekend, My wife Harriet and I hit an
estate sale because we saw
in the local edition of Craigslist.

What really intrigued us was this snippet from the ad
To us, small means an Ashford not a great wheel

What we found was

Marked at $125.00

This made me
want to pass..

Except this was
day TWO of the
sale and everything

HALF-PRICE...... This was worth $62.50 even if
it did not work just for parts...

I does not have a makers mark however

BTW it does spin...

See this image ..

I added that purple leader and I spun that last
night. Oh yeah it's a double drive that seems
to have leather bearings and a solid flyer / whorl

Detail here....

Maddening I say, he who is used
to the Ashford set up.

I think it's from the mid-sixties
as a kit-decorative wheel as
the mains are affixed to the platen
via square head 1/4" 20's nuts.

And the legs
have thread heads
for screwing into
the platen.

Lower right
in the detail shot

I happen to know for the most part,
square head nuts disappeared from the
consumer market circa 1967 for
the preference of hex head.

They are still available but
but not in general usage.

Okay, What I need from you,
is a possible ID on this wheel

More photos below

The orifice...

The mother of all adjuster / tensioner

Under side of the mother of all...

I have more pics if needed, but I need help in ID




  1. What a great find!! I'd try posting a request to spin list on yahoo or rav - I don't know what kind of wheel it is but there are many spinners out there who know way more than I do. Good luck!

  2. Ravelry and spin list were the next areas to go to. But I just found this over the weekend.

    If no answers are there, pics are going to Bob of merlin tree (he makes the hitchhiker wheel)

    If I can't find an answer, I am swapping out the leather for Ashford bearings and the whorl / flyer for Ashford Elizabeth and grab 3 Elizabeth bobbins and sell her.

    The measurements work.

  3. It's a cute wheel. Just oil the leather and she should spin fine. Doesn't look like a particularly fast wheel as there isn't much difference in size between the bobbin end and the whorl. If you're going to sell, I'd recommend leaving as is.

    BTW, tis Dave Paul at Merlin Tree. Good guy.

  4. I stand corrected "Bob"
    musta been on my mind...
    there's this scene from "office space"
    with the two Bobs.... blame that
    when I can't come up with a name, it's BOB