Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday sock update.

Hi folks, while Harriet is playing with henna at Tina's
I was tasked with going to the bank, and then a
trip east to the super secret road side spring.

Well, it's an open secret, as I first heard of this
spring when I was living in Schenectady.

In fact one winter we saw it briefly, when Harriet and
I were out driving. It took us an additional 7 years
to find it again. We KNEW it was east of Troy
some where but could not find it until earlier
this spring (pardon the pun).

Since then, to save money on bottled water
we will refill our own bottles.

All I will say is that the spring is roadside on a
north-south road between NY 2 and US 20

There are your clues, go forth and find it.

Meanwhile, those socks are progressing.

Socks at work.

Socks outdoors

Get ready for your close-up

I am digging these socks.


  1. That is some of the best tasting water I've had. And the socks are even more spectacular in person

  2. Please leave me some in July. And, I'll look forward to seeing the socks; the color(s) look great in the daylight shot.

  3. Will do, I am filling 6 gallons at a time until we are out of commercial water, then we will have 10 gallons of jugs available.