Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Troy Night Life

For what it's worth, there ain't much unless you drink.
Even then, most of those places are hardcore dives.

Yet, there is one place that can be counted on
time and time again.....

Yeah, I am a sucker for the "Upstate Soft cone" the $2.00
treat that kept us going and driving from one stand to another
when were utterly broke when we arrived here.
Yeah, Corner Ice Cream is still the best Followed closely
by Jumpin' Jacks

Snow Man sadly is not in the running.. but still places in the top 20

This place is located on 5th Ave in the 'Burg, open 'til 10:00


  1. Except it was $1.25 then (with sprinkles). I haven't had any yet this year. Gotta remedy that, I think.

  2. Tim, that's a really cool photo, just so you know. :)

  3. T, that was taken with not the craptastic camera but with my PHONE....