Friday, June 19, 2009

Time for more projects.

You all know about the next set of socks that
I cast on, right?

Knit Picks tweed essential
I love the feel of this yarn on my hands
I can't wait until they get on my feet.

and I am spinning this....

CORRECTION it's shetland,

This came from

Finally I cast this on this afternoon...

It's a charity project for the RED SCARF project
Pattern is here

This is for aged out foster children who are in college
or vocational school to give them a red scarf for
Valentine's day and to show support that, yes
there is someone who cares......


  1. I love the Essential yarn base, it really is a pleasant knit. The socks are looking good! And go you on the cabled sweater, are you going to do it with or without a cable needle?

  2. Tina, it's not a cable Sweater, but a cable scarf. I am using a U shaped cable needle.

  3. Thank you so much for joining the Red Scarf Project!!