Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where do I start?

I made it to the HUDSON RIVER STITCH and Spin over the weekend, sufficed to say,
TU FIBER BLOG and ROWSRED (she who organized it) covered it better than I.

However I spun full tilt boogie on Phaedre

I still feel that I have got nowhere as the fiber I am spinning is
40 WPI!!!!! Not quite gossamer but getting damned close.

I did get a chance to drag my previous fiber out into the light
540 yards +/- ~ of Spring Green colorway by SEEKAY
Merino goodness..

I already have a pattern, she who spins is getting
another lovely scarf, lace of course.

Oh, one more thing.........

My workplace has something vaguely related to fiber.

As in the former business........

after a few mergers and sales (research paper here SAGE COLLEGE)

I've always sorta known I'd wind up in a fiber mill...
My first job was refinishing Wire Stitchers

and a stitch is a stitch......

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