Monday, August 10, 2009

August, Die she must....

I don't know what happened here, turn my back and
July is out the window. Summer is coming to an end
in the North-Country and I want to deny it. Even today,
Nature is giving it her best at a forecast high today of 91
degrees F (33 c)

Meanwhile, that cranky old laptop of mine has again given up
the ghost. The charging light would not come on even
with the power tip being wiggled.

You may have seen it before, here, acting as a background for
some of my knitting.

So out came the implements of
Screwdriver, reading glasses,
soldering iron
solder and a flat surface.....

Through the magic of the internet, we will speed an
half an hour by. We are left with this....

You can barely see
the red circle around
the part I had to solder
to make the laptop
come back to life.

I had previously replaced the power socket so
I just hoped solder would fix the problem
It did.

Meanwhile, I cast on Luscious Lace Scarf by Knitting Pixie
I promise pics will follow, as soon I can get past the
idea of actually knitting two together through the
back of the stitch.

Computer Mechanic

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  1. I love that I can home from a weekend away and see what you were doing in my absence. ::smoochies::