Saturday, August 22, 2009

But only if you'll ride the tide

The second post of August. I had best show you all what's on the needles, yes?
Lets start with the newest project first. Around the beginning of June,
I finished a few things.

This for instance

I had to go hunting for a pattern so it lay dormant

The roving, merino of course,
was from Carolyn of SeeKay Crafts
I just loved spinning it.

So much later I found a pattern
and cast on

Now it looks like this......

Carolyn, thanks for your colorway of "Spring Green"
this is what it looks like knitted.

Another thing on the needles since June
is this pair of simple socks.

Which are cleverly stashed in a "Harley Flames"
box knitting bag by JessaLu Stitches.

Yes, real men, knit, spin and carry project bags.

And the red scarf is still coming along, I was
hoping to have the first one done by Sept 1st..

Not happening...

Btw, get out there and hike the trails these last
few weekends of summer, but with this
study, be prepared to go in circles


  1. That is sooooo pretty. Who is it for?

  2. That looks great! I can't wait to see it finished.

    I also love your manly box bag!

  3. Thank Harriet, she got it @ Wool ;-)