Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Haven't you heard it's a battle of words....

As I sit here in front of my roaring fire
and there is a snow storm warning .
I want you all to take a quick look around the
house and let you all see what we have been up

A quiet corner of the soon to be fiber studio
is Cara and Nick sitting on the guest couch/fold out futon.

On another side of the room, Phaedre my
wheel sits with brown corriedale that I am
spinning at 40 WPI.

I am having so much fun with this
fiber when I have time to spin.

Because the rest of the house has been eating
my life...

We had friends over to enjoy dinner
in the now finished dining room.

Or the quiet corner of the living room

My latest project

And as always

Knits on my laptop, Dopey, powered
by Ubuntu Hardy Heron.


  1. That looks just like *my* house!!! Oh wait, it *is* my house. :-)

    And it's starting to look more like a home and less like a warehouse.

  2. It's looking good! I told Harriet, but I'll tell you too... I love the way the house is coming together. It really is warm, welcoming, and wonderful.