Thursday, March 4, 2010

Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year

I went to an event discussing blogging last
night, I can say it was excruciatingly long on
time and short of content as most blogs are...

Then there's mine.. I hope.

As you all know out there in the world
I have moved into a lovely old house
with a commanding view of the Mohawk

Harriet found herself at the Town Hall
yesterday with some time to kill
and happened onto the town historian
who gave us the story of our house.

and pictures

It was the "Fort" house as he knew it.

This one may be when they moved in.

This one is probably 10-15 years later.

It's the same woman, or at least
someone related.

She also hung her laundry on a line
under the porch roof.

It's practice that is evidenced in both
these old photos

just zoom on them.

I love a practical woman.

Through the magic of Google Street View
lets look at circa 2006

The first photo dates from around
1870, the second from around 1900
(Pneumatic tyres on the bicycle)

I can just say.. I love this house.

Speaking of pictures.

My shoulder is messed up
I should have not gone skiing
in fact, I should be in pain

About twelve o'clock or due north
from left to right, that tendon should be
all white. As evidenced here, it's not

Torn supra-spinatus.

Not the worse injury in my life
but close.

See you all on the flip side.


  1. Are you practicing a new haiku/short form-ish blogging style? It seems almost poetic to me.

    I love the pictures of your house, it's awesome to see what it looked like so long ago. Just wait til you have a full warm season to improve and make your mark on it!

    Sorry to hear your shoulder is messed up, I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I can't believe you blog-scooped me on the photos!!!! That's just not fair.