The silver cord lies on the ground...

Greetings from the North-Country;

It's been far too long, and it's December already.

The garden has gone from this

To this....

While inside we have
decorated the tree..

A FO and a project that I have on the needles.

The hat is to be gifted, the socks are MINE ;-)
The hat is out of Bartlett hand spun
that I received as two huge balls of roving.

I spun it about a year or so ago and got 280 +/- yards
out of one of the balls.

It languished in "I dunno what to do with it.."
and it finally became a hat.

Let's take a look out the back, up the valley.

This was in November.

Now we have this sight of the other day.

You may see the fog that has settled along the water.

As the days grow shorter, remember it's not that
far from dancing the Maypole.....

"When you breathe your last line
Will you make your exit stage left/stage right?
Well, you might decide while there's still time.

You have an angel on your shoulder
But you wear the old god's horns.
And you dance around the maypole
While the vicar makes a toast
To the pagan celebration
And extends an invitation to us all
So he can save us when we fall."

Ian Anderson (c)

"we light the flame and the sun returns"
TMD 1994/Willow Lodge variant

Have a blessed holiday season


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